Workers of Mercy

The Workers of Mercy

We meet every Friday in the Parish Centre.

Second-hand clothing and food are sorted for distribution to various homes

and NGO”s. Currently there are 13 families that we provide to on a monthly basis.

As funds become depleated we raise money through the sale of  surplus second-hand clothing

at Retreat station. The funds are then used to purchase food. We encourage the youth and all

our parishioners to give up some of their time to assist us in the sorting and selling on the day.

In the future we also would like to invite more of our parishioners to become involved in the

provision of cooked meals to the frail and house-bound in our community.

One of our helpers is an ex-nurse and when time allows she is prepared to assist any

house-bound registered parishioners of the SPX community.

We invite any of our parishioners to assist the needy in any way they can.

If there are parishioners in need of assistance please contact us via the parish office.