St Pius X Library Club


This small group has been going since 2010.

We meet every third Wednesday of the month at 10AM.

After a short tea and chat the meeting commences at 10:30.

The goal is for each member to undertake a certain amount of research on a topic designated for the following month.

At the actual meeting each member is given a few minutes to report on his/her research.

The idea is to promote interaction between fellow parishioners, and listening to each others ideas and opinions with open minds and to learn in the process.

Occasionally arrangements are made for a guest speaker to address the group.

At the end of year function, which takes the form of a ‘Christmas Tea’  each member is given a chance to decide

what topic they would like for the next year so that a programme may be planned in advance.

If you would like to contact the group leader, please enquire with the Parish office.