“Human Love always lays claim to eternity.

Love contradicts death as the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel once said.

This human love is turned from a promise into the fulfillment of reality only when it is wrapped in a love that can truly impart eternity. Marcel said that to say to  a person ‘I love you’ meant; I protest against death.

Thus  we see that Human love, in and for itself represents an unredeemable promise. It strives for eternity and yet it can offer only mortality.

Yet, on the other hand it knows, that this promise is not meaningless and contradictory, and thereby destructive, since ultimately eternity is alive

within it nonetheless. Even from a purely human point of view, then, love is what we are looking for and is the goal toward which our lives are directed . But within it’s own framework and on its own terms it directs our view toward God and brings us to wait upon God.

Extract from  ‘God and the World’ – A conversation with Peter Seewald – Joseph Cardinal  Ratzinger  ; Ch7 – Love