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We partake in the Liturgy when we celebrate the Christian Mysteries
A Liturgy is not an event that depends on good ideas and great songs. No one makes or invents
a Liturgy. It is something living that grew over millennia of faith.
The most important Liturgy there ever has been, is the Paschal Liturgy, Jesus celebrated with his disciples in the
upper room, the night before his death. The disciples thought that Jesus would be commemorating the liberation
of Israel from Egypt . Instead, Jesus celebrated the liberation of all mankind from the power of death. In Egypt it
was the “blood of the Lamb” that preserved the Israelite’s from the angel of death.
Now he himself would be the Lamb who’s blood saves mankind from death. For Jesus’ death and Resurrection is
the proof that someone can die and nevertheless gain life.
Jesus himself compared his death and Resurrection with Israel’s liberation from slavery in Egypt.
Therefore the redemptive effect of Jesus’ death and Resurrection is called the Paschal mystery.
In the action of the Liturgy the Church obeys the command of Our Lord “Do this in remembrance of me”

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