The Parish Council (PPC) is elected every three years, and additional members may be co-opted as required.

PPC members perform their duties as representatives of the St Pius X community.

Through them , the PPC gives parishioners an opportunity to partner with the parish priest to build a sense

of community and belonging for all at St Pius X.

key activities include:

  • Administrative, including maintenance of the Parish property and finances.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Increase participation of parishioners within various parish groups.
  • Fund raising.
  • Creating opportunities for members of the community to interact socially.
  • Liturgical input and feedback from the parish priest
  • Provide a platform for the parishioners to be heard.
  • Strategic planning.

A well run PPC gives life to and leads the community on a collective path of spiritual unity and fulfillment.


  The Parish Council

  • Fr Mark Foster

    Parish Priest

  • Stephen Arrow (chairman)

    Events, Lectors, Ministers of the Eucharist, Fundraising, Staff, Deanery PPC representative

  • Theresa Green

    Spirituality Group, Gardens,

  • Ursula Schenker

    Flowers, Brasso group, Hall, Collectors

  • Allan Brooke

    Music Ministry, Building & Maintenance

  • Beverley Duncan

    Catholic Women’s League, St Anne’s Primary, Sacristan

  • Kevin Eddy

    Finance, Home care ministry,

  • Craig George

    Ladies Guild

  • Aimee Jenner

    Youth, Catechism

  • Alan Valkenburg

    Altar Servers,Workers of Mercy, Communications

  • James Deas

    Library, Editorial, Media & Archives, Website