Annual Food Fair Feedback

….the generosity of the local businesses and organisations outside of the parish blew me away and begs recognition (which is displayed on the next page), as well as donations from our own business owners in the parish.

Be Ye at the Food Fair !!!

    Brothers and sisters of the parish…and beyond! We are now just days away from what promises to be a Food Fair unlike any we have seen before. The committee has been feverishly at work for months now, and truth be told, there has been a fair bit of hype generated around this event….


Dear Fr Gary George   Wow…Wow…Wow!!!!   I praise and thank God for the work He has done in your life. Thank you Fr Gary for being obedient to your calling and for being a blessing to us. This has been a really special Mission and I personally wish it didn’t have to come to…

Kristal Duncan (Catechist) & Tristan Jones on the Confirmation Day

Confirmation day at St Pius X, 4 September 2016 After three years of journeying with 15 bright, wonderful and unique individuals, the day had finally arrived. Everyone’s nerves were in tatters, but praying together before it all got started helped to calm us all down, myself included! The service went off so smoothly in the…

Alpha Youth

The Alpha Youth at St Pius X , in its 5th week is in full swing! The group comprises 16 youth leaders from St John Bosco Westridge who run the programme, with adult supervision on hand, and 34 of our parish youth in attendance. The group meets every Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm – 6:00pm at…