Be Ye at the Food Fair !!!

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Brothers and sisters of the parish…and beyond!
We are now just days away from what promises to be a Food Fair unlike any we have seen before.
The committee has been feverishly at work for months now, and truth be told, there has been a fair bit of hype generated around this event.

There seems to be something planned for everyone, so take your pick, its all happening this Saturday! ;

Foods from the far flung corners of the globe certainly has me on-board already, i am thinking a preparatory fast might be in order!
And…. as the catch phrase goes..’But wait there is more!!!’
Indeed there is, who will want to miss Jo Jo the Clown? Be assured the webmasters media equipment will be aiming in that direction.
There will be a Ghost Tent, what are we to expect!! your not going to want to miss that one boys and girls , the organizing committee is certainly doing its best on the curiosity factor with that one…and again ,got to check it out!
And then… a marching band ! From whence comes this marching band? All a cloud of secrecy it seems, well done to the team for keeping it all under wraps, so there is another highlight to be revealed on the day.

We have a Jazz band, a Marimba band, and Hip Hop dancers, yes folks we are certainly in for a treat with a line up like that!
With loads of other fun activities and things to see, mark the day this Saturday and join in the fun from 11AM till 7PM.

Entry is free!!!